The Void

Total Silent Hill vibes. Movie was pretty freaky and everything just seemed to happen so fast. This whole crazy demon cult with all these hentai tentacles everywhere was creepy af.  I like how I still recognized Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim as I’ve not seen her in anything since.  I decided to watch this based on a […]

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Not sure why I took way too long to watch this film. I guess it didn’t really interest me at the moment.  It was a great entertaining movie. I don’t even know anything about Shazam other than, he was in the video game Injustice that I used to play all the time.  Anyway, the tone of the […]

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Streets of Rage 4

What a friggin great beat-em-up. I’ve played I think SOR2 back on the Sega Genesis but don’t remember it fully.  Streets 4 was a great fun couple hours. The animations and combos feel really good playing it. Much like River City Girls, I had a blast with this game. I really wish this quarantine wasn’t going on […]

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The Hunt

Holy crap I totally expected this movie to be completely horrible. It actually turned out to be crazy entertaining and awesome.  The deaths in this film were hilarious. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously which is a great thing. Everyone in the film seems to have a hilarious view of life and death.  Liberty Belle Betty […]

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