Uhhh…what a creepy film. One of the weirdest ones I’ve seen in a while. I’ve actually never seen the inner workings of cam girls. That is one interesting industry.  I remember back in the day watching a live stream of some chick wearing a huge anime head. She would just walk around her room and […]

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We Summon the Darkness

From the trailer I thought it’d be something a little different than it actually was. Overall, it left me disappointed despite loving everything about the entire theme of the movie.  It just didn’t feel complete by the end. I guess the moral of the story is…”Don’t trust a runaway!” The girls were cute with the exception of […]

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Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

This quarantine has given me the ability to catch up on all kinds of backlogged anime. This series was pretty decent in typical Japanese anime fashion. Ya know, over-sexualization of women to a specific degree.  I do like how the main protagonist thinks about every single scenario before executing any decisions. It’s hilarious and entertaining.  Not sure […]

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