The First Purge

I’ve said it before and I’m not too sure why, but I like the Purge movies. They’ve all been pretty intense imo.  This film however, was just meh. I wasn’t really feeling a lot of motivation behind some of the characters and one of the crazy characters met a really anti-climatic end. Anyway, it doesn’t really […]

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Ajin Demi-Human

Never watched the anime nor have I seen the manga. Matter of fact, I’ve never even heard of this film till recently since my wife totally crushes on the Kenshin the main actor. 🙂 It was just ok. Super heavy on the CGI but the plot was definitely interesting. I’m actually really curious where these Demi-Humans […]

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I know I shouldn’t like this movie because of how horrible it was. However, I did enjoy it for what is was. Mindless action and impossible scenarios.  Dwayne Johnson is definitely typecast for these kinds of films. Not a bad thing, I just have to be in a specific type of mood to watch them. 

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