Black Panther

It’s about damn time I got off my ass and watched this film. Been a bit too busy to go to the theaters and watch it, but with the new Avengers Infinity War out, I had to catch up.  Movie was fantastic. I loved everything about it. Michael B. Jordan was such a badass villain which […]

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Samurai: Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection

The wife dragged me to see some Samurai Armor at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. It was an amazing display of ancient armor from around the mid-Edo period.  The level of detail that existed around the 1600s was beautiful. Almost unreal to see the dedication and thought put into creating every single piece.  The masterful use […]

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Batman Ninja

Pretty friggin awesome! Super duper Japanese style, with an animation style that reminds me a little of Ninja Scroll with a modern cgi twist. Pretty cool concept to the story. A little time traveling and giant transformer type robots. I mean, it wouldn’t be very Japanese without some type of robots.  English dub was great and […]

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The Titan

Pretty decent I suppose. Scientists finding a way to force evolution in order to survive in a planet with harsher conditions than we are used to on Earth.  I mean, I dunno if I’d be down with having gills and crap. It’d be cool to stay underwater for like an hour to impress a bunch […]

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