Furious 7

So much impossible shit that happened in this movie, I just don’t even… Everything is always done at the last minute, last second but everyone always ends up making it somehow. With that said…My wife and I found it extremely enjoyable. Jason Statham is a badass, the Rock & Vin Diesel look related. Michelle Rodriguez […]

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It Follows

Creepy movie but not as creepy as I expected. I suppose the thought of it is pretty freaky but to me it’s just a little funny. It’s like Jason Vorhees constantly walking towards you but you can simply jog away.

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Evolution 2015

This was definitely the best EVO yet. Not only were the USFIV grand finals the most epic grand finals ever in the history of EVO, but I managed to make it out of pools for MKX and I won a quick side tourney for $15. http://evo2015.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/mk10_i36.html Also, had an amazing frozen pizza party with the homies and […]

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