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The Titan

Pretty decent I suppose. Scientists finding a way to force evolution in order to survive in a planet with harsher conditions than we are used to on Earth.  I mean, I dunno if I’d be down with having gills and crap. It’d be cool to stay underwater for like an hour to impress a bunch […]

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Insidious: The Last Key

Was entertaining I suppose. Digs a little deeper into Elsie’s past and origin of her gift. I like how all the movies are linked together creating this Insidious universe dealing with a bunch of demons from the Further.  Crazy key finger demon but the previous films had a better scare factor than this one.

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Totally not what I expected after seeing the trailer. I got the impression this movie was a comedy of some sorts and boy was I completely wrong.  This film was more like a drama about human compassion and life. How we take advantage of the earth and all her wonders only to realize that one day […]

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