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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

God damn I’m loving the Fantastic Beasts movies even more now after watching this one. Loved the first film, but this one felt a lot darker in tone.  Johnny Depp (Grindelwald) is such a chameleon in his roles. Dude can seriously play any character on earth.  The Flash errr…umm…Credence Barebone’s powers are so cool. Guy is just […]

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Robin Hood

Bleh…it was a mindless movie. Felt more like the first episode of a television series. I actually thought it’d be a lot more exciting than it really was. Not anywhere close to the original masterpiece. Some cool scenes but easily forgettable. One of the more lackluster films I’ve seen this year so far.  Haha, I really do […]

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Manifest Season 1

This show started off really great. Lots of questions for its mysterious plot. As the show went on, it became more and more annoying. All the characters just ended up being unbearable to watch.  I’m still interested in what will eventually happen or the explanation of the initial 828 flight disappearance or even the purpose […]

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