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I’m sure M. Night has wanted to make a series of films like this forever. Linking together Unbreakable & Split was pretty smart. He basically created his own new age superhero universe.  This movie still feels like just the beginning of something bigger. I hope they do continue expanding on this universe with the amount of […]

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The Silence

Not sure why I decided to watch this. It showed up on Netflix and I supposed I was bored and wanted to watch a shitty horror film. This one was totally a poor man’s A Quiet Place. The monsters looked some smaller versions of the aliens in the film Pitch Black.Apparently, they kill basically anything […]

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Jack Ryan

The show popped up as a recommendation after watching Hanna. Basically binged this entire first season over the weekend.  I thought it was pretty great. Story was compelling and kept me wanting to watch more. Glad to see they’ve announced a Season 2 as the whole spy genre is badass! Since I’ve been on this Prime kick, […]

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