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Jason Bourne

Before it’s release, this movie has already left a salty taste in my mouth for personal reasons. Despite all that, I’ve still wanted to watch and see how much more of this franchise they can keep milking out. I’ve always enjoyed the Bourne series since Jason Bourne has always been badass. After watching this latest […]

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Stranger Things

Terrific show! Pays homage to all things 80’s. This show will become an instant classic and will bring on the feels of anyone that grew up in that era. Characters were great, acting was amazing and story was fun as hell. Reminds me of growing up, pretending to solve mysteries and battle supernatural beings. I […]

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Akame ga Kill

Amazing series. I don’t watch too much anime nowadays so it’s hard to find something really good within the sea of crap anime. This one was pretty exceptional. Bunch of assassins that wield legendary weapons, battle out trying to destroy a corrupt empire. I’ve read that the anime strays away from the manga towards the end […]

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