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Glitch Season 1

Great show. Nothing spectacular but very interesting plot. Not sure what I would do in the cops situation with the two women…pretty crazy stuff. Too sad it’s only 6 eps but it definitely keeps me wanting more. I need to find out about that doctor and wtf is up with the current wife after the […]

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Train to Busan

The world must be on a zombie movie craze lately. I just watched I Am a Hero the other night and now this. I’m not complaining as I love seeing another country’s take on the zombie apocalypse. Move was great. Still liked the Japanese zombie film the other night but this was wasn’t bad. Koreans are […]

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Luke Cage Season 1

Good show. Not great but good. A little too much dialogue for my taste but still interesting enough. I just like seeing a bulletproof dude not scared of anything stand up to all the gangbangers that think they are hard because they hold a gun. Also…I’m not sure what everyone sees in Rosario Dawson. Definitely not […]

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