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The Void

Total Silent Hill vibes. Movie was pretty freaky and everything just seemed to happen so fast. This whole crazy demon cult with all these hentai tentacles everywhere was creepy af.  I like how I still recognized Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim as I’ve not seen her in anything since.  I decided to watch this based on a […]

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Crazy ass movie. It was great and different from the typical crappy horror movies I’ve been watching lately. Lot’s of little hints throughout the movie that I’ll have to revisit to fully understand the satanic cult’s motivations. Pfffttt…who am I kidding. I don’t care enough to do that. I’ll just watch some YouTube explanation vids. 😛 […]

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The Invitation

I was pleasantly surprised about how much I liked this film. The dialogue and story line kept me pretty interested despite the fact that it was after midnight when I started watching this. I usually give movies the 15 minute rule, where as, if the movie doesn’t grab my attention within that time, I shut […]

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