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Sadly, this movie was as bad as I’ve heard it to be. I mean, I knew it was horrible but I didn’t realize it was trying to be some type of comedy.  There were of course some parts that were decent but overall it was a huge let down coming from someone who collected comic books […]

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Deadpool 2

Definitely a ton of hilarious moments. Not sure if I enjoyed this one more than the first film but it was still awesome! I remember thinking Cable was such a badass in the comics so I was a little disappointed how Thanos Cable was portrayed in this movie. I loved the team Deadpool put together. Their first […]

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Avengers: Infinity War

Waited about 10 years for this film and now it’s finally upon us…and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.  This was action after action! Watching everyone come together from all the previous films was so satisfying. Thanos is crazy powerful, nobody could really stand a chance against him. I mean, I suppose they had a chance until Star Lord […]

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