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Avengers Endgame

What a fantastic ride it has been these last 10 years with the Marvel franchise. We come to an end of an era as Endgame is the last story piece within a decade of movies.  I laughed, cried and was completely engulfed in the plan to stop Thanos. The whole quantum realm and time travel piece […]

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Sadly, this movie was as bad as I’ve heard it to be. I mean, I knew it was horrible but I didn’t realize it was trying to be some type of comedy.  There were of course some parts that were decent but overall it was a huge let down coming from someone who collected comic books […]

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Deadpool 2

Definitely a ton of hilarious moments. Not sure if I enjoyed this one more than the first film but it was still awesome! I remember thinking Cable was such a badass in the comics so I was a little disappointed how Thanos Cable was portrayed in this movie. I loved the team Deadpool put together. Their first […]

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