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Castlevania Season 3

I friggin love this show. The animation, story, voice actors/actresses. It’s stellar! There were some slow buildups to the final few meaty episodes but the character development is amazing. Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades work so well together and wreck pretty much everyone in their way.  The direction they are going with the show is great. I […]

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After the first episode I was hooked and was curious about how this story would unfold. A man whom the people are calling Al-Masih basically comes around and does impossible things like stand in front of a tornado to save a young girl and even as crazy as walking on water in front of thousands of […]

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Let It Snow

Watched this randomly with my new-formed fam now and it was a cute movie. Has that Christmas Disney movie feel and the cast is made up of about 80% of teens that have all been in bigger budget films.  Overall despite it being a feel good movie, it was pretty generic because everything just seems to […]

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