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Servant Season 1

Uhhh..this show as creepy af. I can’t even begin to answer all the events that have unfolded. I know it has to do with some creepy doll, crazy nanny, disgusting uncle, freaked out parents, and some odd cult.  I’m glad they already renewed this for another season because I’m dying to know what happens now. There […]

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After the first episode I was hooked and was curious about how this story would unfold. A man whom the people are calling Al-Masih basically comes around and does impossible things like stand in front of a tornado to save a young girl and even as crazy as walking on water in front of thousands of […]

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For the most part, I enjoyed this retelling of the age old story about Dracula. The first two of the three episodes were fantastic as they try to deconstruct why Dracula is the way he is, and why certain things like having to be invited in, the cross and the sun are weaknesses.  However, by the […]

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Man I totally did not expect this movie to go down the way it did. It makes me like it that much more since it was different from what I expected.  Essentially there is a battle between God and the Devil and some of the Devil’s spawn think they are sick when actually, they are just […]

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