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I had high hopes for this one after reading some stuff about it while scrolling through my daily news feeds. Turns out that it was just bleh.  It wasn’t completely horrible, but there wasn’t any kind of explanation of whether or not “Z” was a figment of the main characters imagination and she projected the same […]

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Not even sure why I stumbled upon watching this. It was one of those random days where I wanted to watch some dumb horror film. Or perhaps it was because Bojana Novakovic is pretty hot.  Anyway, movie was bleh. Some jump scares but overall, it’s just some evil spirit trapped in a box that only pregnant […]

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The Void

Total Silent Hill vibes. Movie was pretty freaky and everything just seemed to happen so fast. This whole crazy demon cult with all these hentai tentacles everywhere was creepy af.  I like how I still recognized Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim as I’ve not seen her in anything since.  I decided to watch this based on a […]

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