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It Chapter 2

The final chapter of a fantastic film. This one continues right where the first chapter left off.  It’s been 27 years and everyone has grown and forgotten about their lives in Derry. However, Pennywise starts killing again and Mike Hanlon starts calling all his old homies to come back and kill the demon clown.  Well actually, it’s […]

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Pet Sematary

Wasn’t too impressed by this remake at all. Not sure if it was the casting or maybe just that the overall plot seemed rushed.  The original still was creepier in my mind. Perhaps if I never saw the original, I would think a bit more of this one. I feel like, this film should be a […]

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The Dark Tower

I liked it. Pretty enjoyable and Matthew McConaughey’s character was a really powerful asshole. I wish the film was a lot longer, instead it was really a little over 90+ minutes or so. The story was decent, reminds me a little of The Last Mimzy but darker. Gunslingers are dope AF. They got those Equilibrium […]

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