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Other than the creepy atmosphere, this movie wasn’t as good as the trailer made it out to be. It was too artsy fartsy. I expected to see some crazy gargoyle type demon but all I got was this weird Angel of Death thing from Hellboy… So disappointed with my horror film choices nowadays. 

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Ju-On Origins

Man I remember loving the first few Ju-On movies before they milked the crap out of the series. Even the original US version was semi-decent but the original Japanese films were better imo.  This origin series about the house was pretty meh. It’s really cool they did a short Netflix series for this franchise but to […]

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Not even sure why I stumbled upon watching this. It was one of those random days where I wanted to watch some dumb horror film. Or perhaps it was because Bojana Novakovic is pretty hot.  Anyway, movie was bleh. Some jump scares but overall, it’s just some evil spirit trapped in a box that only pregnant […]

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