Arrow Season 1

January 22, 2015

So we finally got through Arrow season 1 and it was gangster. Such a good season finale with a lot of questions answered but more questions asked. Gotta stay on that grind to keep watching the rest of the seasons. Still can’t believe Laurel is going to be Oliver’s love interest, since ya know, she has down-syndrome and all.

I think he should be hooking up with freaking megahacker/perfectwoman Felicity but whatev….

fs7_by_edartgeek-d63so8pI would be done and caught up to where season 3 is now but I gotta wait for the wife. I tried to watch it without her…yeah that’s not going to happen. She gave me the demon eyes when I mentioned it. Getting in the way of her cute boys is not a wise move on my part.


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