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Sojag Messina Galvanized-Steel-Roof Sun Shelter 12×16

August 4, 2018

Finally got this gazebo erected. Good thing I bought this from Costco and the company is already going to send me the replacement roof panel that got damaged in transit. 

Ugh...I would have put this together myself with a bunch of buddies but it's way too hot in Vegas for that nonsense. Given the complexity of putting this together based on the reviews, I'd rather have just paid to get it done. 

However, after hiring these individual from handymanassembly.com to do it, I wish I would have just put it together myself. One of the guys was horrendously unprofessional and aggressive. His helper was a lot nicer and much more respectful to the needs of the customer. It took them 2 days to put it all together because of the heat. There was also zero communication between the dispatch center and the actual installers. They could have started at 6am like I wanted and also brought the Tapcon concrete anchors with them prior. I also hate the fact that I asked for an installer that had put this specific unit together before, but NOPE! I hope that poorly run company burns for all I care. 

Despite all of that garbage, the gazebo is actually quite nice when finally completed. It's hot as hell in there and feels a bit like an oven since the structure is all metal. Still don't regret it one bit since it looks fantastic. 

Now on to installing a ceiling fan, purchasing the privacy curtains and buying furniture for this new relaxing space. I'll wait for the wife before making any of those decisions πŸ˜›


    • Living in Vegas, it honestly does get really hot. Feels a bit like I’m in an oven when the sun is directly above πŸ™‚ I didn’t have a chance to put a ceiling fan at the top just yet.

      However, I did hang a bunch of string lights and it makes it look really elegant at night.

      Hope that helps.

      • Just wondering if its more beneficial to just get an Amish Pavilion if it gets super hot in there? It costs more but definitely don’t want to be sitting in an oven. At what temperature does it feel like that?

        • Yeah, the Amish Pavilions are amazing. The cost is definitely a lot better with the Sojag but to be completely honest it does feel like an oven when it’s 110 out.

          Even installing a fan would just blow hot air around. It’d be best to install a mist system along with a fan as well which I’m also thinking about.

          Regardless of the shortcomings, it’s still really great and everyone that comes by to see it, loves it.

  • Hey. Came across this post after looking for reviews on the Sherlterlogic. Now that you’ve owned it a couple of years, do you still like it?

    I also read that it gets pretty hot. Is there an outside temp. where it becomes unbearable being underneath it?


    • Hi Brad. I can say it’s definitely held up great over the years. Still looks brand new despite the unbearable summer weather here in Las Vegas.

      We don’t use it too much in the daytime since I’d rather be inside with the AC. However, it’s nice at night when the weather is a bit cooler. Definitely feels like an oven when it’s 100 and above.

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