One OK Rock Concert

So my wife and I love One OK Rock. Great band with great songs. They performed in Las Vegas today with 4 other bands. Although, they only sung 4 songs, it was good times. They are trying to break through to the US market so I suppose it makes sense to start in some shitty venue […]

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LG Watch Urbane

Yaaaasssss….my bday came early this year! Simply amazing watch. Perfect compliment to my newly purchased Nexus 5X. I actually knew I was getting this smart watch so I preemptively bought a charging stand and a new stainless steel watch band. I can’t stand the black leather band that came with it. Seems so cheap on such […]

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Nexus 5X

Finally!! After 2 years of owning the best Android phone the Nexus 5, I’ve gotten my hands on it’s successor the Nexus 5X. Took some time to set everything back up the way I’m used to but yeah, this phone is amazing. Got the official folio case as well and it’s badass! Had to buy a […]

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