TRAVIS The True Story of Travis Walton

I've been on a total UFO kick lately. Not sure what it is, but my affinity for UFO related shows seems to have increased within the past few weeks or so. 

I only came across this documentary because of recently watching Fire In The Sky for the hundredth time in my life. Friggin love that movie. 

Anyway, the only reason why I watched the movie in the first place recently was because my co-worker mentioned that when Travis was abducted in the movie, he saw the Grey's as spacesuits and I never realized this until recently. 

Travis' story is one of the most well documented cases of an alien abduction account ever recorded. Documentary was really interesting and explained the whole situation straight from the individuals that were there. 

It didn't have to take a documentary to clear anything up for me. Call me gullible, but I already believed the story happened in the first place 🙂

Do it. You know you want to!
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