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The Possession Of Hannah Grace

March 22, 2019

Jesus Christ this movie was horrible. I dunno how I even managed to get through the whole film. Why do they always have to make exorcism/possession films with a lead character that is already mentally unstable? I get it, it's because they are more susceptible to demonic possession...or so they say. 

The lead actress in this film looks too pissed off all the time. Decides to work an overnight morgue intake job only to receive the body of a failed exorcism. Everything in this movie follows the cookie-cutter formula of the old movies. 

  • Suspense builds and the lead character knows something is wrong
  • Nobody believes her suspicions.
  • Non-important characters have off screen deaths only to be found later.
  • The actual demon doesn't kill the main character but just sniffs her and stares at her up and down when it clearly has the opportunity.
  • However, it does easily kill other non-worthy people.
  • The main character finally finds the courage to grow balls and shoot the demon.
  • Film ends with the character catching a fly supposedly foreshadowing that the demon followed her somehow. 

So uhhh...yeah. Pretty crap movie.


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