February 3

Chuck gets destroyed in SSFIV AE 2012


So Chuck thinks he could beat me one game out of 10 at Street Fighter IV. God damn he was wrong! Had to make him realize that you can’t win by doing jump kicks into random dragon punches all day…

Ken-shoryu-tsGame actually takes skill to play and although some scrubs get lucky, it’ll never happen in the hands of someone who knows what he is doing. I also met this new guy to the crew today named Terrance. Dude was actually on point and really good at SF. Most likely better than me but I could care less since I just got done whopping Chuck’s ass!

Oh shit! To top it all off, Chuck’s cheap ass only paid me $16 bucks. Dude didn’t even have the full $20 ready. I’m assuming he thought he would just win so there would be no need for him to front any actual money. WRONG! Go back to your League of Legends and car mouse!


Chuck, Dhalsim, E2, Ken, Ryu, Street Fighter

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