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Diablo 4 – S01 – T100 & Uber Lilith Kill – Bone Spear Necromancer

August 20, 2023

Perhaps I should take a break now since I've completed two of the most difficult tasks in Diablo 4 - Tier 100 and defeating Uber Lilith.


Tier 100 completion was made possible by running this build I found on reddit called Storm the Gates. The build provides an almost endless uptime of barrier by using close to infinite bone storms caused by the combination of having the unique shield Lidless Wall and using the Osseous Gale aspect on your gloves. The Shielding Storm aspect is also used for that barrier uptime. 

This Necro build guide is how I am able to farm high tier nightmare dungeons in the 80s-90s. Despite having diminishing returns with running any Nightmare Dungeons over T55. 

Then there is Uber Lilith! Quite possibly THE most difficult boss fight I've faced and completed in my entire video game career. 

Watched countless YouTube vids and read a ton of posts on how to deal with the most difficult battle in Diablo 4. Respec'd my paragon and gear in order to face her. I died a trillion times using the build I typically run for Nightmare Dungeons.

Spoke with an individual on this subreddit that coached me on what I was doing wrong and the build he used to consistently beat Lilith. I had to revert back to the more vanilla endgame Bone Spear build that is still strong enough to get the kill.

Did it on the Playstation 5 so I was able to save a vid of my kill. Feels good to have finally completed this 😀


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