May 12

Chuck vs Me FT10 Injustice Superman vs Aquaman


So we finally play our match. It was close 10-7 but Superman always comes out on top. It was annoying how Terrance kept talking in our ear about how to play or what to do. I hate that shit. It’s like, when I’m playing for money…don’t sit there and give tips to my opponent. Just shut your mouth…but whatev.

Anyway, I did pretty good despite the fact that I trained for only 3 days. Chuck seems to be better at this game than any other game. Well he’s good at All-Stars also but I don’t really play that game so it doesn’t count.

The funny part is that he raised the amount of the bet by $5 since everyone told him that he’s going to totally own me….lol bet he wasn’t expecting that shit.

Superman always wins baby!


Aquaman, Chuck, E2, Injustice, Superman

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