Doctor Strange

November 8, 2016

So my favorite Sherlock actor is now a Marvel Superhero. Movie was pretty badass and quite probably the best CGI I’ve seen in a film. Of course I’ll probably say that with every new heavily CGI movie but whatev.

I didn’t really know anything about Doctor Strange before I’ve seen the film, so I went in not knowing what to expect. It was definitely a trip. Looks like the perfect movie to watch while you are high or something. It’s a real trip. Kinda reminds me of The Matrix in some aspects as in the world is not what it seems and everyone should know martial arts.

Rachel McAdams still looks the same today as she did in Mean Girls. She is ageless and probably an alien/immortal.

tumblr_o5k41qbxls1so9f96o1_250So yeah, movie was great…I like the infinity stones setup. This movie makes 5 stones that Marvel studios has revealed. Still one more left which is probably going to be in the new Thor movie. Either way, I can’t wait for the Infinity Wars films.


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