Final Fantasy XV

January 29, 2017

GAME OF THE YEAR 2016 for me! It was too damn good. Everything from the world to the game play to the character designs was amazing. The fact that they are still adding more to the game with future DLC is great. These were definitely the best digital friends in a video game anyone could ever ask for.

Sure there were some things that I felt were rushed. I didn’t really think the love between Noctis and Luna was flushed out enough. There just wasn’t enough development there for me to believe. Chapter 13 was definitely boring. Lots of the same scenery and just felt too monotonous.

However, all the hunts, summons and quests were so damn addicting, I could see myself playing this game even months from now because it’s so fun.

Then ending had this really dumb scene where you are supposed to pick a photo that signified everything you’ve been through and the people that mattered. Of course they let you choose any photo…because why not! I was in tears laughing. So much so, that I had to upload a few of my own to my yt channel.

Haha…that is golden right there. Sooooo dumb. “Oh hey my wife! Look at this badass photo of some noodles!” Bwahahaha so dumb.


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