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Wow, having a good boss can actually make a difference…

April 6, 2013

Seriously, I’ve had some shitty bosses in the past. Bosses that don’t really know how to appreciate their employees. Bosses that only cared about you filling a time slot and didn’t really go out of their way or make small changes that can make the entire atmosphere at work better.


Or maybe even some bosses that make you work 5pm – 2am because..ya know…I don’t need to have a normal life…I should be dedicated only to my work!

Seriously what kind of shit is that?

When a new boss comes around, most people hope that their new boss isn’t a major dick or asshole. They secretly hope that they just don’t get in their way so that they can keep doing the normal shit they do, just to get through their day.

But if you get lucky, you’ll get a boss that truly understands all that shit. Has a perfect understanding of work/life balance and is also a blast to be around. So we get this new boss close to a year ago and he’s the fucking man! He seriously always has our backs and does everything in his power to make sure we enjoy being at work and doing our jobs. This dude is truly an Amazing Boss and the definition on what a boss should be like!

I’ve never worked for anyone this cool. For once, I feel like I don’t have someone constantly breathing down my neck wondering what the fuck I’m doing. I just hope he sticks around for a while, otherwise…




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