July 26, 2014

So…while a little entertaining, a lot of the good parts of this flick were shown in the trailer months before it’s release. Actually, the more I think about the movie, the more I dislike it!

Plot wasn’t that good considering I usually like Luc Besson’s films. A lot of mumbo jumbo about harnessing more than 10% of the brain and what can theoretically happen.

In the end Lucy ended up becoming some super computer matrix-ish looking tower that compressed down to…

…a Fucking USB stick?!?

skeleton-head-usb-driveLike really?? I mean, what was the capacity? Spec? USB 2.0? 3? Would it even be compatible with the hardware in that time period???

Ok enough nerding out….so yeah….what was I saying? Oh right…Scarlett Johansson is nasty HOT!!



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