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Home Improvement: Tile Install

November 21, 2020

Finally removed all the carpet in the house and replaced it with tile. The carpet has been in this house since we moved into the house around 2014. It has been cleaned but never replaced. That's years of dirt, pollen, cat hair and other unmentionables. 


My wife and I have pretty bad allergies, so hopefully this will help with that a bit. Regardless, the benefits of replacing carpet were too good. 


  • More durable with less wear over time compared to carpet
  • No embedded dust/pollen/dander lingering in the carpet for years
  • Easy to clean with vacuum, Swiffer and Roomba
  • Easy to move furniture around
  • Cooler temperature (Server closet is happy ?)
  • Waterproof from spills


  • Anything dropped will likely break
  • Wife is always cold so the cooler temp isn't her favorite
  • Worry about little one falling and getting hurt ?

Anyway, I'm glad this is done. Now that everything is put back in its place, I can concentrate a lot better. Also, sleeping in the living room for a few days felt like I was staying at a hotel despite being in my home. 





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