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Ad Astra

Meh..it was just ok. There was some good build up but NOTHING ended up happening. No alien crafts, no aliens, no intelligent life beyond Earth…NOTHING! The film also suggested that “we are it.” There is no intelligent life beyond Earth, which is something I completely disagree with. We need a new real movie about life outside […]

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It Chapter 2

The final chapter of a fantastic film. This one continues right where the first chapter left off.  It’s been 27 years and everyone has grown and forgotten about their lives in Derry. However, Pennywise starts killing again and Mike Hanlon starts calling all his old homies to come back and kill the demon clown.  Well actually, it’s […]

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Captive State

Just found out about this movie. After watching the trailer I had high hopes for it. However, to me it just fell short and didn’t really answer much of anything. Every human attempt to fight back against the aliens resulted in them leveling a city.  So basically, humans really had no hope and have lost […]

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I absolutely love good UFO flicks. Fire in Sky, Contact, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Dark Skies, etc. Of course not all of them are good. This film however reminds me more along the lines of Contact or even Arrival.  Not a lot of action and more drama but it’s the subtle hints of life beyond […]

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