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Dark Phoenix

It wasn’t completely horrible but it was definitely forgettable. The effects were cool like usual but I don’t even remember which movie came last in order to follow what is going on in the X-Men universe timeline.  Despite the cool effects, I just don’t think they drove home on actually how powerful Dark Phoenix is. She […]

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The Gifted Season 1

Awesome first season. Better than Legion and a lot better use of special effects. I hated that crybaby kid Andy and the Frost sisters were captivating every time they were on screen.Lots of story to catch up on and I love how the plot shows that it’s humans vs mutants. However, by the end, it […]

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Legion Season 1

I didn’t really know what to expect when I got into watching this series. I never followed the other Marvel television shows like Agents of Shield or Agent Carter. The Netflix shows were pretty decent but I had no idea who the character Legion was. I had to look it up on the wiki. Regardless, […]

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I would honestly say, this is probably the best superhero film to date. It was just so raw, gritty, dark and emotional. It’s simply just a good film altogether. While watching the film, you almost forget that it’s a comic book movie. Soooooo great!! …and the feels… 🙁 Yeah, I don’t tear up much in […]

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