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Xena’s new little sister…Gabbi

January 28, 2015

So we’ve decided to get Xena a little sister so that she isn’t bored on the days we are both at work and stuff.

Gabbi is a silver Bengal from an awesome cattery about 2hrs from here called Thundercat Bengals. She’s about 3 months younger than Xena and they both haven’t quite gotten used to each other yet, which was expected.

Like Xena, she’s super vocal and active at this age. Her coat is sooooo damn soft…doesn’t even really feel like fur. More like some weird skin feeling but soothing regardless. I don’t even think she stopped purring since we’ve received her this evening. Super affectionate and I’m sure they’ll be best friends in no time.

We didn’t want to wait too long to get another kitten since it’ll be much harder to integrate her into this household with Xena being the queen and all. 😛

More updates to come…


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