APC NetShelter AR100

July 20, 2019

So I'm making some upgrades to my newly discovered Plex hobby. It's crazy fun putting all this together to essentially be my own version of Netflix. 

I was scouring the internet looking for a good rack that was about 10-12U and will help manage the sound output of my equipment. Although I found a few good ones (which were crazy expensive) I thought I'd check out the CL or OfferUp to see if anyone locally was selling what I needed. 

Luckily, I found a seller super close to me selling an APC NetShelter AR100. This is an awesome chassis and the condition was excellent. I got it for about 1/4th the price is normally is before shipping. To me, it was a complete steal.

Other than the amazing deal I got, the overall build and everything about it is exactly what I need. It's a bit larger at 13U but it still fits nicely where I wanted to place it after I cleaned the crap out of it.

Gonna see what other equipment I can load this bad boy up with 🙂  


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