January 15, 2023

First off, if I found a hidden door in my basement, I would not explore that ALONE...


I don't understand people. I mean why would you explore deep into a dark underground path that has a hidden door opened by a random rope on the wall. I guess I'm just not that adventurous. 

I did enjoy the thrill of this film. Lots of tense dark scenes and that feeling of not knowing who was a creep. The final monster was some inbred female that just longed to be a mother. I felt bad towards this mommy creature towards the end since all she wanted to do was have a baby. 

Also I think Justin Long's character wins for both most annoying and most brave. I would not have the stones to venture into some random dark area without others knowing what I was doing in case I didn't make it out alive. πŸ˜€


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