Bayonetta 2

September 22, 2018

Finally got around to playing this game. Beat the first Bayonetta on the PS3 and never had a Wii-U to play the second title. Thankfully I recently acquired a Nintendo Switch and am finally able to play this over the top Devil May Cry clone that is fantastic! 

Infinite amounts of legs and crotch shots is what Bayonetta is all about. 

However, the game play is crazy good and the controls are perfect. PlatinumGames always creates these flashy game play oriented games. Speaking of which, I still need to play and go through Nier: Automata

The amount of crazy costumes you can change into are insane. I especially love the Nintendo-Themed ones.  

Anyway, can't wait for the 3rd installment when it finally drops next year since it was teased already and exclusive for the Switch. 


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