September 14, 2019

Amazing, insane and unforgiving game. It's been a while since I've sat an completed an entire game. I did get the bad ending at first but whatever. 

Blasphemous was brutal. People are comparing it to a Dark Souls metroidvania, which I agree with since it can be frustrating. I think the developer should have at least given the option to choose difficulty levels rather than only having one way to play the game. This way some players can appreciate the visuals without worrying about dying and starting back over at your last save point. 

My advice to anyone looking to play this fantastic title is...

Save, Save, SAVE!

I cannot stress this enough. Starting back over from your last save super crazy far after you eventually perish sucks huge balls!

I hope the game sells well and the studio can make another entry. The gothic medieval catholic vibe is great and it reminds me of my friend's tatted sleeve. πŸ™‚


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