Broken Windshield

June 10, 2017

So because of a dumb little pebble my windshield on my 6 month old car is brokensauce! Insurance is retarded since they won’t replace it with the factory glass since that doesn’t fall under their coverage. They have to instead replace it with some 3rd party glass which is likely horrible quality.

This company Southwest Auto Glass here in town already attempted to replace the windshield for half of the cost that the dealer quoted for factory glass. Sadly, their attempt failed as the windshield didn’t fit on the new 2017 Impreza. Looks like their database information is a bit outdated.

Anyway, since I went though a ton of trouble and rescheduling on their end, they are going to replace the glass with the factory glass FOR FREE! This actually worked out in my favor. I suppose I’ll see how it all ends up in the end.


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