Child Of Light

June 10, 2014

One of the most gorgeous jrpgs I’ve had a chance to play. Game has a total old school feel, complete with turn-based attacks and a cheesy story. A little too short for my taste but they do offer the New Game+ option which I will not be doing. Trophy wise, I 100% this game but I did so just going through the story and not really going out of my way to do too much.

I did find the dialogue annoying at times since the scripted this game like a fairy tale…every bit of dialogue had to rhyme. They are some clever rhyming but still got annoying for a bit. I’m glad they announced this for the Vita since this game feels like it should have been on there in the first place.

I would totally play a second installment or even another jrpg by Ubisoft. Probably not going to play the Vita version tho. PS3 was enough.


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