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Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster

August 6, 2021

Totally ran through this game in just a few short days. Crazy awesome nostalgic experience and I can see why it's so loved. 


I played the 3Dish version on the 3DS a long while back. Prior to that I only knew of one Final Fantasy 3 growing up which is really Final Fantasy 6 THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME!

This Pixel Remaster has ultrawide support which looks absolutely amazing!

There were a lot of elements of this game that I can see spilled over to all the other Final Fantasy entries following this game. All the job classes, summons, magic and crystals. 

The font to this initial release is a bit horrible but meh I got used to it. I'm sure they'll release a patch that allows you to change it in the future since the entire internet is complaining about it. 

Anyway, great game. Playing it reminds me of renting FF6 from my local video store hoping my game wasn't saved over. I can't wait to play the FF4-6 pixel remasters as they are released later this year!


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