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Finally upgraded to Windows 8.1

December 9, 2013

Well actually I’ve been using 8.1 on my laptop for a while now, but I’ve just been too lazy to convert my desktop environment. Well I finally took some time out today and did a clean install on my desktop. I figure I should get used to Windows 8 since we’ll most likely start transitioning over to Windows Server 2012 from 2008 at work.

Took a few hours to configure to the way I like it. Also had to download a crap ton of updates and I had to install my most used programs.

Now I’ve got it to the point where it’s like I didn’t even install it at all. Everything is pretty much back to how it was before I did a clean install. Which is good!! I can’t even count how many sleepless nights I’ve gone through when my computer was down πŸ™

Anyway, 8.1 is pretty slick. The snap feature works smooth and the multi-monitor support is fantastic! I’ll give it a few days to see if I’ll actually miss using Windows 7.


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