Ghost of Tsushima

October 20, 2020

Everything about this game was amazing! The crazy part is that this particular title wasn't even on my radar until some friends started speaking highly of it. I remember when it was announced but I haven't kept up with the news since. 


I didn't 100% this guy but it was basically the last lazy thing before I start my new job. I've clocked in about 54hrs attempting to do all the side quests while leveling up all my techniques and weapons. 

The battles are so cinematic and epic...

...and the controls just feel so responsive. I seriously cannot find any real flaws in this title. Once I obtained the fundoshi outfit, I played through the rest of the game with it while also wearing a blindfold and monkey mask. 😊

I've actually never even played a single Sucker Punch game, but after Ghost, I'm considering looking at their older titles. Hopefully they make a follow up title or add additional DLC to expand some story elements. If so then...


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