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Home Improvement: Bias Lighting

May 4, 2016

Nice cheap upgrade. Makes it much easier on the eyes to watch in complete darkness. After reading a few articles about the benefits, I’ve decided to do it.

The fact that it increases contrast is amazing enough for me to do it.

Here is an example from one of the articles I’ve read about the image below.


Refer to the optical illusion image above to see the effect made apparent. The bar that stretches across the center of the image is one constant shade of gray (RGB: 142, 142, 142) but it appears to be lighter in on the dark side of the gradient and darker on the light side of the gradient. This illusion, known as the simultaneous contrast illusion, readily illustrates how our eyes perceive gray to be darker and richer when seen against a lighter background and more washed out when seen against a dark background. Illuminate the wall behind your screen and the same contrast illusion takes effect: the grays and blacks on your screen will appear richer and the contrast will seem stronger between them and the surrounding area.

So yeah…good times.

Thanks Amazon.



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