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Home Improvement: Home Gym 99% complete

February 21, 2015

Finally got the rack delivered. Boxes were heavy as hell. Jarild came by last night with his tools and we put this bad boy together in like 80 minutes. The rack is rock solid. Doesn’t even wobble when I do pullups or dips on it. Pretty legit.

I do want to eventually replace the floor matting with something a little thicker. But my next plan is to get rid of all the pure metal weight plates I have on the weight tree. It totally sounds like prison workouts back here. I want to pick up some of the Body Solid rubber weights with handles so that it’s a bit quieter when working out at night.


Other than that, I think I have everything I need to start doing all the same workouts I did at the gym. I can do all the compound lifts because of this rack. I finally need to get rid of all this lazy fat that’s been hanging around and look even more majestic than I already do.


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