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Home Improvement: Single Bowl Sink & Faucet

November 19, 2015

So I decided to upgrade our sink as a gift to my wife for our anniversary. We both wanted a single bowl deep sink but didn’t have the choice to pick that option when we moved into the house.

I found one on Amazon by Water Creation that looked pretty badass! Also found a very modern looking replacement faucet to change what we currently have. I just figured, since I’m replacing the sink, why not replace the faucet. Found a pimp one made by Delta that looks a lot nicer than our current one.

Anyway, so I hired a plumber to install the sink. Unfortunately the sink was a bit too big and the hole that it was supposed to drop into was too small. The plumber suggested I call some granite cutters to cut the granite to make it fit.

Totally took his suggestion and got a company to cut the granite. They just cut about less than half an inch or so and the sink was able to drop right in. Afterwards, the plumber finished installing the sink and it was godlike.

Old Sink

New Sink




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