Impulse Season 2

October 20, 2019

This is one of those shows that I can't stop watching despite my least favorite character being the show's main actress!

Her character is just so psychologically messed up. The teenage whiny selfish outbursts have me rolling my eyes throughout the entire show. It's like, how many lives can Henry screw up before she eventually leaves her small little circle. 

Anyway, despite my gripes of how unlikable the character is, I really can't wait to see what happens next as the show left off on a pretty big cliffhanger. I almost feel as though they are creating this new superhero universe and that the ability to teleport is just one power amongst others.

Also, the anti-hero build up is something different and she is definitely painted as the villain this entire show.  

No news of a season 3 renewal just yet but I'm sure YT will do it anyway since their list of must watch originals is slim. 


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