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Home Improvement: Nebia 2.0 Spa Shower

October 14, 2019

I've completely elevated my shower experience to god-tier. The Nebia spa shower is beyond amazing. I've had my eye on the Nebia since version 1.0 but I didn't bite the bullet at the time and I'm glad I waited. 

I've actually never took an actual shower in a spa before tbh. However, from what all the comments say, this is basically the same experience but in your own home. 

I guess my only gripe would be to have a function for the wand to spray a steady stream instead of the mist droplets all the time. Also, the ability to turn off the overhead shower component if I just want to use the wand. 

I'm sure upgrades will get address in future revisions, at which point I'll just move this bad boy to a different bathroom in the house and upgrade my main 🙂


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