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Injustice Final Online Tournament PS4

March 8, 2015

So RM NoBrows on testyourmight.com decided to throw the last online Injustice tourney since MKX is around the corner and this game is pretty much dead. It was an ok turnout but a lot of people weren’t able to make it cuz life and those people were replaced by others.

Anyway, surprisingly I did pretty decently coming in 2nd and fighting this really smart Sinestro player. Some matches throughout the tourney I felt were laggy as hell, but it’s to be expected since online.


1. cR Wound Cowboy (sinestro)
2. ee_too (supes)
3. ARMOR (cyborg, zod)
4. one87_dja (nw)
5th. Doctor Stabs (grundy, sinestro), Khaotic Splash (mmh, batgirl)
7th. Saltshaker (raven), Ando (ga)


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