Invasion Season 1

December 9, 2021

Usually anything high budget about aliens, I'm there. However, I have more of a love/hate relationship with this show...


It started off soooooo friggin slow.  Just a bunch of people drama prior to everyone realizing they are being invaded by aliens. 

I was seriously ready to drop this show by episode 4...but they finally showed one of the obsidian black aliens. Which looked terrifying in the way it moved. Reminded me of the aliens from Edge of Tomorrow

Anyway, so many characters and their moronic decisions really got under my skin. Especially Mitsuki and her Hinata obsession. I mean, her determination did have an impact on the overall outcome. Beautiful yet such an annoying character!

By the final episode, the pacing was just so dumb. It just kept showing scenes of everyone walking and looking sad all day. Such a buzzkill. By the end, everyone looked up to the sky and saw this huge alien ship drawing all the water from the ocean to it. It was interesting but overall not as satisfying despite the buildup. 

Caspar is a jedi badass and I'll likely keep watching when season 2 airs because of him, or because I don't respect myself. πŸ˜›


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