Jurassic World Dominion

July 17, 2022

I mean, it wasn't completely horrible but it wasn't something that I'd ever revisit either. 


It was pretty cool seeing Dr. Grant and Sattler return for this film. Even with those two it wasn't enough to save this movie. I feel like they put too much characters and sub stories crammed into the time allowed. For example:

  • The overall story about Biosyn creating these huge locusts to destroy all the smaller farms but not Biosyn fams suggest they wanted to have a monopoly on the world's food supply. 
  • Also Maisie having been genetically altered clone that doesn't obtain the same genetic disease as her mom.
  • Saving and returning the baby raptor to her mom Blue.
  • Stopping the internal corrupt CEO of Biosyn

Everyone escapes just in time of getting killed by some dinosaur...which is to be expected but it does make my eyes roll. 

There is an extended version coming out which introduces 16 minutes of additional footage. I'll just watch those additional scenes on YT. 


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