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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

July 26, 2022

With this title I've finally completed all the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games. Of course, this game being my favorite game of all time was best saved for last. 


Like the rest of the Pixel Remasters, they definitely did justice to my favorite game of all time! From the music, the vivid characters, the quality of life enhancements, and did I mention THE MUSIC!! Just as epic as the orchestra vid below. 

It still retains that nostalgic feeling of my 14 year old self.

The ultrawide support is also still breathtaking to me for these Pixel Remasters. 

I didn't do a 100% completion run, but I'll likely go back to this in order to get any remaining achievements. Especially since I can pick it up and put it down easy with the Steam Deck

Square needs to hurry up and do a full Final Fantasy VI Remake just like they did for FF7. That would be my ultimate video game wish. 


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