LG Watch Urbane

October 24, 2015

Yaaaasssss….my bday came early this year! Simply amazing watch. Perfect compliment to my newly purchased Nexus 5X. I actually knew I was getting this smart watch so I preemptively bought a charging stand and a new stainless steel watch band. I can’t stand the black leather band that came with it. Seems so cheap on such a good device.

Anyway, I spent some time playing with it and I’ve pretty much got it the way I want it now. I’ve pretty much settled on a watch face. I changed the stock watch face from this:

To this:

Much more minimal and it tells me my phone battery level, my watch battery level, the time & the weather. Good damn times god dammit!!

Anyway so yeah, I’ve totally added another gadget to my profile I can’t do without. It may become just as important as my phone in the near future.


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