Life Fitness RS3 w/Go Console

January 9, 2015

So I haven’t been working out lately. It’s probably been at least a few fat months. I mean, I still go to the gym to do cardio in the mornings before work but that’s about it. I’m even getting a bit too lazy to do that lately. In order to fix that, I’ve decided to buy a gym grade recumbent bike to use at home in the mornings rather than driving to the gym just to do cardio.

I prefer the recumbent bike because it’s very low impact, and you can focus more on sustaining a specific heart rate to stay in that fat burning zone. Anyway, so I ordered the Life Fitness RS3 w/Go Console and with the help of my brother-in-law we got it all setup.

This bike completely blows away all the other gym bikes I’ve used over the years. It’s ninja silent using it and it’s a completely smooth ride.

So smooth that Xena tries to use it…

IMG_20150108_235829 (Large)

Hopefully, I stick to using this, otherwise it’ll have become a very expensive chair. 😛



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