Meal Plan Week 2

February 16, 2014

Week 1 went by so fast and I’m still not sick of eating the same two meals. The secret is the sauce you use to eat the meals. Right now it’s a mixture of Tabasco Chipotle, Franks Red Hot & Tapatio. Of course this is all depending on how I’m feeling at the current moment.

The budget is still around $40ish bucks. We’ve streamlined this process pretty good so far that we are all done prepping, cooking, packaging & cleaning in just about 2.5hrs. For a week worth of food…that’s DAMN worth it.

I’m seriously saving a shit ton of money/time because of this. Crap…going out to have AYCE sushi for my wife and I is more money in one sitting, than I’ll spend on a week worth of food! I’ve been doing something wrong this whole time @_@

It’s really all about willpower, motivation and sauce!! Also, looking at the extra weight I see in the mirror everyday helps too. Did I mention sauce?  😛


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