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Only got about 3hrs of sleep last night T_T

May 13, 2014

Damn you Diablo!!…errr…I mean Malthael!! So I finally played the expansion over this weekend with a few buddies from work. I was pretty much hooked instantly. My lvl 60 Hunter was a beast in the old Diablo. That time has now passed. I was having a hard time when I turned the difficulty up a notch, and there are like about 5 more difficulty stages 🙁

Trying to roll with a few random crews and some buds from work to get my DH to lvl 70. I’m 68 now so the grind isn’t that bad. Now I just gotta convince myself that simply clicking around isn’t fun and I can get back to wasting my life on something else. Till then though, it’ll be my new drug <3


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